About Us

Welcome to Unruly Folk!

At Unruly Folk, we make our own rules. We’re a creative hub powered by neurodivergent, disabled and queer individuals dedicated to showcasing the talents and perspectives that often go unnoticed.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to be the megaphone for neurodivergent talent and to amplify the voices of creatives everywhere. We dive deep into the worlds of gaming, music, movies, and more, bringing you the latest entertainment news, reviews, interviews, and thought-provoking opinion pieces from our community’s unique viewpoints.

What We’re About

Unruly Folk is:

 Entertainment News: Keeping you in the loop with the latest buzz in gaming, music, movies, and beyond.
– Reviews: Sharing honest, thoughtful reviews that reflect our diverse experiences.
– Interviews: Highlighting the stories and journeys of creatives from a range of backgrounds.
– Guest Blogs: “Nothing about us without us”. We actively encourage guest writers to contribute to our platform. Only you can tell your story.
– Opinion Pieces: Offering fresh outlooks and sparking conversations on topics that matter to our community.
– StreamingComing soon.
– Unruly Folk Shop: Psst, want to show some love and join the Unruly Folk family? Check out our Unruly Folk Shop for some sick merch!

Join Our Journey

At Unruly Folk, we’re not just creating content—we’re building a community. If you have something to say, an insight to share, or a passion that drives you, we invite you to join us. Let’s create something special together.

A Sincere Thank You

To everyone who supports us—whether by picking up a t-shirt, reading our articles, contributing your work, or simply spreading the word—thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support means everything to us. It allows us to continue championing neurodivergent people and creating a space where everyone can be seen and heard. Stay Unruly.

With love,  

The Unruly Folk Team

Danielle and Mike